Plastics in Paradise (Episode 1)

When you imagine a remote beach what do you picture?

This week on Wavelengths we take you to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, one of the most isolated paces in the world. We hear about the beauty of this place and how trash from thousands of miles away is destroying it.

We also meet a group of high school students who are determined to keep litter off their beaches.

marine-debris-event-1_md noaa website
Papahānaumokuākea partners pose with debris collected from the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands in 2017. An estimated 100,000 lbs was collected this year. Photo courtesy of NOAA.
Photo Courtesy Jolene Lau NOAA
James Morioka (left) and Kevin O’Brien (right) discuss marine debris with Wavelengths host Betsy Brown. Photo courtesy of Jolene Lau, NOAA
The Wipeout Crew takes a break from their cleanup at Makapu’u Beach to talk with Wavelengths host Betsy Brown.
Some of the trash collected by volunteers for International Coastal Cleanup Day at Makapu’u Beach. September 16, 2017.

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