White As Snow: Wavelengths Ocean Podcast Episode 2

Something happened to one of my favorite places this year.

This week (December 19th) on Wavelengths I take you to the island of Guam where coral bleaching impacted the reefs four times in the last five years.

Special thanks to Corri Gobin whose photography inspired this episode.

Gab Gab II Sept 2017
The picture I talk about in the episode. Taken by Corri Gobin of CnC Divers around September 19, 2017

Take a look at heat stress gauges for Guam here. Buoy temperature recordings for Ipan, Guam can be found here.

View coral bleaching warning levels around the world here.

Anemone colony after bleaching. November 2017 Gab Gab II. By Corri Gobin

You can also learn more about Coral Bleaching on NOAA’s coral bleaching fact page.

This weeks guests are NOAA Coral Researcher Dr. Dione Swanson and SCUBA Instructor Jennetta Adams.

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