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I just wanted to write briefly to thank you for listening to Wavelengths Ocean Podcast and for following this blog.

You’ve probably noticed it’s been several weeks since I’ve uploaded an episode. I’m taking a short planning and production break. I hope to have Wavelengths back up with regular bi-weekly episodes later this spring. I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on.

Please share any comments or suggestions you have for the next “season” of Wavelengths.




Hawaii’s Dangerous Sea Creature

What are you afraid of that swims in the ocean?

If I told you a translucent blob with long flowing ribbon-like tentacles could kill you would you believe me?

A Box Jellyfish on Kaimana Beach nine days after a full moon

A sting from a Chironex Fleckeri Box Jellyfish can stop your heart in just five minutes but it looks harmless. That species of jellyfish isn’t in Hawaii, but it’s cousin the Alatina Box Jellyfish is.

University of Hawaii Manoa Researcher Angel Yanagihara has been studying Box Jellyfish for two decades.  She became interested in the jellyfish after falling victim to its sting. She shares her story on Wavelengths.

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White As Snow: Wavelengths Ocean Podcast Episode 2

Something happened to one of my favorite places this year.

This week (December 19th) on Wavelengths I take you to the island of Guam where coral bleaching impacted the reefs four times in the last five years.

Special thanks to Corri Gobin whose photography inspired this episode.

Gab Gab II Sept 2017
The picture I talk about in the episode. Taken by Corri Gobin of CnC Divers around September 19, 2017

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